Hotronic Boot Heaters

Cold feet are the bane of skiers of all abilities everywhere. No one wants to head in on a powder day to defrost their toes. Fortunately, there is a solution! Hotronic boot heaters have become smaller, longer lasting and provide a great solution for those who struggle with cold feet. Ski boot heaters utilize a small rechargeable battery that attaches to the boot and provides consistent heat via a very small, very thin element placed under the toes on the foot bed. The heaters are installed by your boot fitter and can be moved between different pairs of boots so the investment is well worth it. At a setting of one or two batteries will consistently generate heat all day keeping you comfortable from first run to last.  At the higher settings of three or four, the elements generate more heat than is appropriate for consistent use, but can provide a short term blast of warmth to bring cold toes back to life.  The temperature can be easily adjusted to your personal comfort level with the lowest setting lasting up to 21 hours. Don’t let worries about cold feet keep you in from skiing anymore!

outdoor DIVAS offers the top end Hotronic S4 ski boot heaters as part of its rental fleet.  Ski boot heaters can be added to any of outdoor DIVAS rental ski boots for just $15 a day.  If you think boot heaters might be in your future but still need a little convincing, try renting them for a few days.  We’re are sure you will become as big a fan of Hotronics as we are.